BREATH by: James Nestor

Did you know that if you breathe through your mouth too often (as opposed to your nose) it will have adverse effects on your blood pressure and heart rate? Did you know that more important than how we inhale is how we exhale? Did you know that chewing (often and substantially) directly effects how efficient is our breathing? Breathing through the nose vs. the mouth has a direct effect on health, happiness, and longevity.

How we breath really matters, as James Nestor in BREATH explains with clarity, his own experimentation, and data. While some parts of the book may be a bit more technical than the average audience desires, these sections pale in comparison to those which inform with content, depth, and humor. If you are an amateur meditator as I am, this book will provide the motivation to get better at it! At the very least it brings tremendous clarity to the passage in Genesis in which we are told that God breathed life into human beings through the nose…not the mouth.

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