How Will You Measure Your Life?

After overcoming the same cancer that took his father’s life, Clayton Christensen wasn’t thinking about the four companies he built or his world-renowned reputation as an entrepreneur. He was reflecting poignantly on how a life should be measured, and what makes life ultimately meaningful. Clayton loved his career and still speaks highly about his accomplishments, but his lens was broader after beating cancer, and his book How Will You Measure Your Life, reflects this new vision.

How Will You Measure Your Life recognizes the complexity of life, as it shies away from one-size-fits-all theories and advice. Instead, each chapter highlights one concept and idea, and it is up to the reader to grapple with the applicability to his or her life. As the blurb on the back of the book says “this book doesn’t offer easy answers. Instead, it will prompt you to consider the most important questions you’ll ever face…It won’t tell you what to think. Instead, it aims to teach you how to think…” My personal favorite was chapter 6 – What job did you hire that milkshake for? It got me thinking about what motivates us to take care of ourselves, care for others, and more broadly what we hope to gain from living a religious life.

As there are so many nuggets you may want to read twice, I highly recommend equipping yourself with a packet of sticky tabs alongside the book!

One thought on “How Will You Measure Your Life?

  1. This looks like a good Pesach read. I think this is a book I need to do off kindle.
    Love your recommendations-


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