What would I do…

It was years ago when I learned that the first of many times my grandmother was saved during the war, was by a school friend who hid my grandmother in her home. She did so against the clear direction of her mother, who told her daughter that no one is worth saving if it puts her life in jeopardy. This story set the foundation of my almost insatiable intrigue to learn as much as I can about individuals who defy authority when morality is at stake. To that end, I was both moved and challenged by Beautiful Souls.

Written as narrative journalism, the book is divided into four chapter. Each chapter offers a stand-alone story of defiance, as well as fascinating research-based analysis of the possible motivations behind the insubordination.

The first chapter describes a story of defiance during the Holocaust, while the second chapter offers a story during the Yugoslav wars. The third chapter narrates the life of an Israeli soldier who struggles to remain loyal to his orders. The final chapter recounts the story of one associate at the Stanford Group Company who refused to sell CD’s of which she was highly suspicious. Instead, she sacrificed her career and risked her safety to help expose the corruption of a multi-billion-dollar company. 

While you may not agree with the decisions made in each story, it is hard not to feel into the mind and emotions of the protagonist – wrestling as he/she did. This book will engage the mind, the heart, and the soul.

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